Renoir Slim Fit Suit

Single breasted, two button, modern fit
Sizes 34R, 36R, 38R, 40R, 40L, 42R and 42L, 44R, 44L, 46R in stock
Black, Charcoal and Light Grey in stock




Renoir Classic Fit Suit

Single breasted, two button, classic fit
Sizes 44R, 44L, 46S, 46R, 46L, 48R, 48L, 50R, 50L in stock
Black and Charcoal in stock




Assorted Slim Fit Suits
$249.95 on Sale for $199.95 save 20%!

Two piece, single breasted slim fit suit
Flat Front Pant, unhemmed
Limited availability
Sizes 34R to 42R
Assorted sizes and colours – inquire about availability

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